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Lighthouse Equipment



Originally developed by Trinity House Lighthouse Corporation, and manufactured under licence by Sealite, the range of revolutionary solid-state High Output LED Light Sources are designed to replace traditional lamps in classical lighthouse optics. Their long life and high luminous efficiency enables huge savings in energy and maintenance whilst retaining the heritage value of classical optical apparatus.



  • Capable of continuous or flashing operation

  • Suitable for use in both revolving and fixed optics 

  • Typically replaces a 500-1500W traditional light source with a 40-360W LED light source, making solar power possible

  • Crisp white light of LEDs improves conspicuity in light polluted areas 

  • Directional setup of LEDs for additional power saving by not shining light over land where not required 

  • LED life expectancy of approximately 10 years; no need for a moving lamp changer 

  • Anodised heat sinks to maintain cool running of LEDs on steady burning duties 


  • Various configurations available to suit existing lighthouse optics

  • Retains the historical heritage of the lighthouse 

  • Simplest solution involves only changing the lamp and utilising the existing pedestals & controls (pedestals also available from Sealite) 

  • Control equipment provided can accommodate a wide range of power supply choices, operating modes and power levels

  • Significantly increased efficiency results in reduced servicing and maintenance












Sealite’s LED Universal Controller is used in conjunction with the LED Light Source. Developed using the most advanced engineering and software technology, the Universal Controller is designed to control power to the Light Source in a small form factor. It can be configured with AIS, GPS and GSM capabilities, providing cutting-edge monitoring of a light source’s LED status, power supply, temperature and turntable rotation speed. Advanced programming can be incorporated for intensity settings, complex flash configurations, and alarm conditions. 


  • Capable of controlling Sealite’s complete range of LED light sources and offering built-in redundancy

  • AIS & GSM built-in options remove the need to interconnect additional devices

  • Built-in interface for turntable lens rotation monitoring, RS232 and RS422/485 format for third party monitoring

  • Built-in interface for external photocell connection and built-in temperature sensor

  • Fully compliant with IALA, IEC & ITU standards



  • Preserves traditional lighthouse performance when the LED Light Source is installed in the heritage optics, making the best solution for maintaining the current charted long ranges associated with lighthouses by utilising the optical efficiency of the lens

  • Reduces operational costs due to advanced programming and monitoring

  • An optional built-in GSM module for monitoring and control enables users to access diagnostic data via cell-phone or the web, as well as alarm SMS text messages and emails to designated users

  • Complete and accurate AtoN displays of operational information are monitored in real time

  • Lighthouses can now be synchronised to breakwater or buoy channels on fixed light sources



  • Built-in GSM Monitoring & Control

  • Integrated AIS (Type 1 or Type 3)

  • GPS Antenna










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